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Bitter Truths

Bitter Truths


Recommendation Culture

It was probably mid-2015, and there was a frenzy to submit papers after seeing new job advertisements. Because of some political background, everyone used to say, say so, and what is the problem for you? Well, we are the owners of a little foreign thought. Let’s try our best and see where the tan breaks. After about 20 attempts, Pakistan Navy invited us for the test, so we also reached there and, like the rest of the candidates, took the test under their general procedure and returned. I was not sure before, but I was surprised when after some time I received an invitation for a medical job in a private job in Lahore, so I was overjoyed. By the end of 2015, I joined the Pakistan Navy. Sada Ke La Abali was the owner of the style.

Meanwhile, once back on vacation, he had to go to VTI to meet his teacher. Seeing the advertisement for Lab Assistant for Civil Survey at the gate, I did not know why I sat in my heart and sat for the interview there and got selected. Sitting there, he wrote his resignation letter to the Pakistan Navy. May Allah have mercy on his officer Mr Khalid Sahib who explained that this is a permanent job and you will go far. But where does the matter sit in our human understanding at that time?

Because he was getting a job at home and the instructor line which was always his favourite profession, in 2016, he joined the Vocational Training Institute Chakwal in his city. This streak continued till 2018. In the meantime, instead of using the old method of grading the syllabus, due to the support of the principal, there was an opportunity to move forward, so with hard work day and night, at the beginning of 2018, the Lahore Committee passed the syllabus and published the book with my name. Honoured. Of course, it was a great honour for me that the survey book started being taught in vocational training institutes across the province with my name on it. Well, where was the respect taken care of? We also started playing openly now because the wah-wah had started to crack. And in the tune of new, new, moving forward, in the cycle of more wah-wah, forgetting yourself with some hard work and taking the admission officer’s seat after the admission officer’s departure, the friends changed their faces. We were middle-class people. Where did we know about houses and government jobs?

On the contrary, we used to spend the day quietly and leave the narrow street. He used to work till two o’clock at night during his government job to pay for halal food. And kept filling up with more wow, wow. But they were unaware that the mafia was sitting from the political houses to the government houses. Some of them were honorary presidents, and some feudally held essential positions like general secretary. So one such day after success in NTS and as a teacher of syllabus and as the author of the book sat satisfied that we are big Guru that this Granth. So sir has written, and we also have the skill to open it. Apart from this, during the service, about twenty to two million tenders were passed for the latest machinery; he was thoroughly familiar with its software, completed training, and was guided by various teachers. Leave the Well done, the day of contract renewal has arrived. Some wealthy people could overcome consciousness. On arrival and the interviews began. Well, I was taking classes because till then, practically the duties of a teacher were given to me instead of a noble teacher who was the cousin of one of VTI because of the nobility of Allah Almighty. Praise Allah, he was a good teacher, and to prove that he was a good colleague, Senior Ustad Cousin VTI. He was very polite and recommended (well, a little recommended in the sense that my teacher had said to select this child. So you will know the essence of it). I was also in this mood. But the Mr, as mentioned earlier, Cousin came as a VTI and is currently doing tailoring work (I still could not estimate the merit). So when I was called from the class for the interview, I was sent back after asking for my name, so I thought that because of the three-year commitment to marks and marks in NTS, I was just pressed. I would be made permanent because of the syllabus. I was not given full training at home on what was being taught and the machinery used.

But Shukar Alhamdulillah, these influential people make their own decisions instead of merit, so people like us go out to get our feet in a foreign land, where it is not good, but to improve ourselves. Get ample opportunities to grow and get rewards based on merit and performance.

The same thing happened here. Along with Khama Pari, a new and straightforward person with a personal acquaintance of the General Secretary was selected (simplicity and politeness have their place, and teaching the class is an entirely different process). And on the contrary, I was told that you would be adjusted, you should teach the newcomer how to read and how to use the machinery. Khair Yaar tried two or three times to deliver the keys to the class to the halls, but it took two or four days to get them back, and finally, they got them as soon as they took charge. They later found out that after leaving the machinery worth twenty-two lakhs, he kept trying to teach by bringing old machines from someone he knew that his software had brought out the good news. The blind mind is blinded by green everywhere. Even a child today knows what software is. Well, if the writing passed through the eyes.

There was a slight similarity.

It was 1998, and the famous dancer Fifi Abdo used to speak in Egypt, from the government chambers to the business class under Fifi’s influence.

After showing off in a five-star hotel in Cairo, Fifi went to a bar to drink alcohol. The police officer immediately reached there. He politely told Fifi that you are a celebrity, and such actions did not flatter her.

This officer was known for his cheerfulness and good manners. Important persons staying in this hotel liked him. He was a dutiful officer.

Fifi did not like the intervention of the police officer. He dialled the number of the upper house in a drunken state and transferred the police officer somewhere far away.

The next evening, when Fifi recovered, he asked the hotel management about the police officer and was told that he had been transferred.

The police officer submitted his resignation to the minister concerned with the police. In those days, Wajid Saleh was the minister. Presenting?

The police officer gave a historical reply.

“In a country where a transfer is done at the beckoning of a drunken woman and return at the command of a dancer, it is a shame and disgrace for a person of honour to live in that country.”

A few months later, the officer left Egypt and is now happily living his old age in America.

This is not only the story of Egypt, it is the story of all our poor countries, and it is also the story of my country.


Our individual and collective honour is dead.

“Then the word of my heart came out that let’s go well. Where the rulings are under the feudal system, and a writer less than a member of the curriculum is unqualified to teach his writing, where is the dancer’s dance and the departure of the honourable, and where is the best place for the dishonourable than the brothel of prostitutes.

What about merit?

And congratulations and thanks to those Jagirdars and Vaders, because of which today in Diyar Ghir, where people only think, by the grace of Allah, they were able to launch their business and institute.

Well, Imran Pratab Garhi writes well.

You cannot write me as a supporter of the oppressor

They cannot write me helpless

I am telling the truth with my soul on my palm

Newspapers of this country cannot write to him

Written by Basharat Ali, Chakwal

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