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Guest posting

Guest posting has become a popular way for online writers to get more exposure for their work. What happens is that you get to write an article for another website. You get all the credit, and readers benefit from what you have to share.

What’s in it for you (and us)?

The main thing is that you get a lot of exposure. Aside from having your article published at Hamara Chakwal, you also get some promotion via our social media accounts. Of course, we also get something out of it – excellent content from our readers. At the end of the day, we want to once again stimulate the Hamara Chakwal community and get the discussion going.


Now, this is very important. While there are some marketing groups that may use guest posting mainly for SEO purposes, this is not what we want to do. If you are a marketer simply looking to drop links, the chances are that your pitch will be ignored.

Think of it this way: When submitting a guest entry, put your best foot forward.

More people (than usual) will get to read your writing. Don’t you want to blow their socks off with your guest entry?

In order to avoid confusion, disappointment, and frustration down the road, here are some guidelines for your articles.

Unique Content: This is a no-brainer. We do not accept content published elsewhere. (Plagiarism Less than 20%)

Content Related to: Places in Chakwal, Health & Fineness, Motivation, Chakwal’s Traditions & Foods, and tutorials for service providers, Tips & Tricks for Workers, and Laws. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ARTICLES DISCUSSING POLITICS.

Added value: Your submissions should bring added value to the site. We are not looking for guest submitters who want to grab a quick link. Instead, we want to offer guest posters a broader platform, the possibility to be featured on top blogs, at the same time offering them the opportunity to benefit from the authority of our site. Your guest entry should be good enough to be linked to as a ‘reference post’ when you try to land a paid writing gig somewhere.

Link to previous content: Every entry must contain at least one link related to previous content at Hamara Chakwal.

Minimum 600+ words: We don’t want to get hung up on word count because what we’re looking for are articles that will bring value to our readers, but for clarity’s sake, let’s keep this number in mind as the minimum.

Include one lead image PLUS at least two relevant images. Dimensions: 1200×628 px. These should be sent as separate attachments and attribution should be included if necessary.

Include your author bio: Two to three sentences, including a link to your website and a social media profile. No image is necessary.

No unethical links: Guest entries cannot contain links to unethical sites and keyword-strong unrelated links.

Hit us up!

What’s the next step? Fill out the form below. Please take note that at this stage, you have to send in your pitches or full article.

To increase your chances of your pitch being considered, include the following:

  • Proposed titles
  • Brief description
  • Links you will be using/promoting (both in the body and the byline)

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Note: As much as we’d like to, we cannot accept all guest entry submissions/pitches. You can send in as many as you want, but please understand that we cannot guarantee acceptance. If you don’t hear back from us in a week, it is safe to assume that your submission will not be published.

Send Your article at usama@hamarachakwal.com


We work on both pay per article and pay per word modes. Payout and the payment model will depend on the experience that the person brings on board. Our payouts are done on the first week of the month.