Agricultural System Of Chakwal

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Agricultural System Of Chakwal

Agricultural System Of Chakwal is advancing day by day.

Agricultural System Of Chakwal

Since 1962, when we purchased our first agricultural land, wheat has been the main crop that we have grown each year. The business grew from a means to feed the family. The majority of our land is wheat-growing, and it’s used for both personal and commercial purposes.
Chakwal’s most popular product is peanut. This is the second crop we grow on our farm. This is entirely a business venture. The majority of our output is sold on the local market.

The group holds large amounts of orange farm land in Chakwal and Sargodha, which are the best areas for producing citrus. It’s a winter crop, and we export high quality oranges.

Recent studies conducted by our research team with Chakwals irrigation section showed that Chakwal’s terrain is ideal for Olive Farming. With the support of the irrigation department, we have planted over 4000 olive trees at Chakwal. We will soon be able to produce our first crop.
Agricultural System Of Chakwal
Chakwal’s Dairy Farming venture was initiated in response to the increasing demand for Milk in India a few decades ago. To meet the demand for Dairy Farm feed, we have been growing Corn & Rhodes grass since then.

Other than this, small areas of land are used to grow Roses, Potatoes, Chick Peas, and other vegetables, depending on the season. The majority of these products are grown for daily family needs.

Like all other places Chakwal grows two crops every year. They are not the same as other areas, because the crops depend on rain rather than canal irrigation system. Even the yield per hectare is less compared to the fertile land of Pakistan.

Chakwal is a region of farming that is well-known for its production of international standard wheat, barley and oranges. Loqat can be grown on the large farms of Kallar Kahar or Choha Saiden Shah.

There are also salt mines and coal mines. Most of these are owned by local people, and workers are employed.

Agricultural System Of Chakwal

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Many multinational cement corporations have established factories in the area, although their environmental success is questionable.

It is semi-arid and water scarce. There are some natural lakes, as well as those created by man. Agriculture is a human activity. This area is well-cultivated with Mustard, seeds, maze, peanuts and sesame.


Loquat is grown on large farms in Kallar Kahar and Choha Saiden Shah. There are also salt and coal mines. These are mostly owned by locals, and operated by local workers. This kind of climate is affected by the way people think and act.

Like all other places Chakwal grows two crops every year. They are not the same as other areas, because the crops depend on rain rather than canal irrigation system. Even the yield per hectare is less compared to the fertile land of Pakistan.

Since acquiring our first piece of agricultural land in 1962, Wheat has been the main crop we have grown every year. What started as a mean to meet the family requirements has now developed into a business. We grow wheat on most of our land, which is then used for both commercial and personal purpose.

Peanut is a popular product of Chakwal area. This is the second crop that we grow on our land. This is totally a business venture. Most of our output is sold in the market locally.

The group owns a considerable amount of orange farm land in both Chakwal and Sargodha (the best citrus producing area). It is a winter crop and we produce export quality oranges.
Agricultural System Of Chakwal
Since 1962 when we bought our first piece land for agriculture, wheat has been our main crop. It started out as a way to provide for the family’s needs. Now it is a business. Most of our land is used to grow wheat, which can then be used for commercial and personal purposes.
Chakwal is known for its peanuts. This is our second crop. This is a completely business venture. Our output is mainly sold locally.

The group has a large amount of orange farm land in Chakwal (the best area for citrus production) and Sargodha. We produce high-quality oranges for export. It is a winter crop.

Recent research by our research team and Chakwals irrigation division has shown that Chakwal’s terrain and weather are very suitable for Olive Farming. We have planted approximately 4000 olive trees in Chakwal with the assistance of the irrigation department and will be harvesting our first crop in 2014.

Chakwal Group entered Dairy Farming in order to meet the growing demand for milk in the country a few years back. We have been growing Corn and Rhodes grass regularly since then to supply the Dairy Farm with feed.

Small areas of land can also be used to grow Roses of all kinds, Potatoes and Chick Peas. These products are mostly grown to provide for the daily needs of the household.



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