Martial Traditions in Chakwal

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Martial Traditions in Chakwal

Martial Traditions in Chakwal are very famous

Martial Traditions in Chakwal

• The first native Indian to get the Victoria Cross was Subaidar Khudadad
Khan from Chakwal.
• The first Indian to get commission and become a General in the British
Indian Army was General Muhammed Akbar Khan (PA-1) from Chakwal
• The first designated C-in-C of the Pakistan army was General Iftikhar Khan
(PA-2), but died in an unfortunate aircrash also belonged to Chakwal.
• The first Muslim to be an officer in the Indian Corps of Engineers and the
first Engineer-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army, General Muhammad Anwar
Khan (PA-48) was also from Chakwal.
• The first Indian Commander in the Cavalry, Brigadier Gen. Muhammed
Zafar Khan (PA-12) was from Chakwal.
It is also a worth mentioning fact that the later four were all sons of Khan
Bahadur Raja Fazaldad Khan and belonged to famous Mair-Minhas Rajput
tribe of Chakwal. After the creation of Pakistan, Chakwal has produced more
army soldiers and generals than any other area in Pakistan

Why is chakwal called Marshal area?

Chakwal is a truly land of military persons.Most of the people are serving in Armed forces. Chakwal produce lots of Army officers and soldiers the history is full with there bravery and courage. In fact this land is dry and people are very hardworking and tough.They are brave by birth they are much familiar with guns so due to that reasons when they join Armed forces they love to show there skills which is in there blood.So thats why chakwal is called Marshal area.

Martial Traditions in Chakwal

Martial Traditions

Major General Muhammed Akbar Khan

Major General Muhammed Akbar Khan
Major General Muhammed Iftikhar KhanMajor General Muhammed Iftikhar Khan

Chakwal is known for furnishing some of the finest soldiers to the British and later on to the Pakistan Army. The Second Indian to get Victoria Cross, Subaidar Khudadad Khan, the first Indian to get commissioned and to become a General in British Indian Army, Muhammed Akbar Khan, Brigadier Muhammed Zafar the first Indian Commander of Cavalry and the great General Iftikhar Khan all belonged to Chakwal.

After the creation of Pakistan, Chakwal has produced more Army men and Generals than any other city in the country which includes valiant Generals like Tajmmal Hussain Malik and a long list of officers mentioned in the list that follows.


Generals and Decorated Officers Only

  • General Muhammed Akbar Khan, First Muslim Officer/General of British/Pakistan Army
  • General Muhammed Iftikhar Khan(Designated to become the first CnC of the Pakistan Army, died in an aircash in 1949)
  • General Muhammed Anwar Khan (First EnC of the Pakistan Army)
  • Brigadier Muhammed Zafar (First Indian Commander of Cavalry)
  • Air Marshal Nur Khan Tamman
  • Lt General Abdul Majid Malik (former Federal Minister)
  • General Abdul Qayyum
  • General Muhammad Farooq Malik (DG Artillery)
  • General P.D. Khan
  • General Abdul Razzaq Khan
  • General Faiz Jilani (retired)
  • Major General Muhammad Muzaffar Kahut (Chief Pathologist AFIP)
  • General R D Bhati
  • General Tajjamul malik
  • General Ashraf Janjua
  • General Safdar former Governor Punjab
  • General Dr Riaz Chohan
  • General Nazeer Hussain
  • General Dr Asad Malik
  • General Sheraz Lodhi
  • General Dr Shahida Malik
  • Genereal Imtiaz Shaheen
  • General Afzal Muzzafar
  • General Mehboob ul Muzaffar
  • General Yaqoob Chaudhry
  • Subaydar Khudadad Khan, Victoria Cross
  • Subaydar Muhammad Shah Kahut , Victoria Cross

Martial Traditions in Chakwal

Chakwal is the main town of Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan and is located 90 km south-east of the federal capital, Islamabad. As noted in District Gazeteer Jhellum 1904, the city is named after Chaudhry Chaku Khan, chief of the Mair Minhas Rajput tribe from Jammu, who founded it in 1525 C.E during the era of the Mughal Emperor, Zaheerudun Babur. It remained a small but central town of Taluka Dhan Chaurasi for many centuries. In 1881, during the British era, it was declared the Tehsil Headquarter. It was finally upgraded to district status in 1985 by the President of Pakistan, General Zia ul Haq.

Chakwal is one of the under-served districts of Pakistan. The population of the district Chakwal is 1.1 million scattered over an area of nearly 6524 Sq. Geographically, it is part of Rawalpindi division and has five tehsils (Chakwal, Kallar Kahar, Talagang, Choa Saidan Shah and Lawa). Majority of the terrain is rain fed with small patches having access to irrigated water, while half of the terrain is not fit for cultivation, due to uneven rough terrain and extremeweather conditions.

Chakwal is the capital town of District Chakwal, Pakistan. Chakwal is located at 90 Kilometer distance from the federal capital of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The city of Chakwal is named after the name of Chaudhry Chakku, who was the chief of Minhas tribe, and was belonged to Jammu, Chaudhry Chakku founded a town called Chakwal in 1525 CE, during the Mughal Emperor Zaheeruddin Babar’s Era. The town named Chakwal was the central town of Dhan Chaurasi for many centuries, in the year 1881, in the British Era, Chakwal was declared as Tehsil Headquarters. Chakwal was finally declared as a district in 1985 by the President of Pakistan General Muhammad Zia ul Haq.

The city of Chakwal is bordered with the districts of Attock and Rawalpindi in the north, and is bordered with Jhelum District in the east, and the Khushab District in South and the Mianwali District in west side of Chakwal District. As enumeration of 1998 census, the estimated total population of Chakwal was 1,083,725, 21,01% of which was the urban population of Chakwal, which makes Chakwal the most rural district of Punjab.



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