Festivals of Chakwal

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Festivals of Chakwal

 Festivals of ChakwalFestivals of Chakwal include DAND JALSA, CHAKWAL FAMILY FESTIVAL, CHAKWAL SUPER LEAGUE , LAKI IRANI CIRCUS and much more.The people of Chakwal celebrate on two occasions in the Islamic year: Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha; festivities of Hindu origin like the basant and baisakhi are not celebrated with zeal like other parts of the Punjab. The culture of Chakwal is primarily based on the way of living as taught in Islam; but owing to the fact that Chakwal before independence was an area where a large number of Hindus lived, it is influenced by Hindu rites, rituals and even ideas. The ceremonies of mayun and mehndi, the extravagant expenditures made on feasting guests at death, the hosting of a lavish meal by the bride’s parents on the barat, large dowries for brides, the belief that parents must not stay in the houses of their married daughters, and melas at the mausoleums of pirs are all of Hindu origin. Besides this, the people of Chakwal live a simple and straight life as enjoined by their religion.

Festivals of ChakwalThe joint family system, paternally structured, is still prevalent. The family system is patriarchal and all important household decisions are taken by the eldest male members of the family.  Women generally confine their activities to the kitchen and children, not to say that they do not assist in farming in rural households.

Employment of women, both in rural and urban areas, other than in family farming or sewing and knitting etc. is considered unrespectable, and the male members of the household are the breadwinners. It is not even considered very appropriate to educate women beyond the school or intermediate levels. It is true that the attitudes of people are changing, but the change is very gradual and the old fiber is holding on tenaciously. 

Modesty is considered the most important attribute of a woman and she is required to observe purdah from males who are not closely related to her and whenever she moves outside the house, which is not very often.

Family Health Festival 2012/2016/2017

With the School of Nursing and Health Department

Family festival.

Mega Family Festival 2014/2016/2017

Chamber of Commerce Chakwal in collaboration. Assist in the organization of stage activities and cultural shows, promoted local artists, and issued participation certificates.

Fashion Expo 2014.

Chakwal Arts Council, a cooperate sector event, took to the stage and entertained the crowd.

Mela Haider Shah

Provided a stage for local artists to perform in front of a local audience. Also, introduced high-quality music

a recreation facility for the first-time in rural areas.

Mela Khair Pur

Presenting local artists on the Chakwal Arts Council stage. Also provided income for over 40 people.

Mela Padhshan

Festivals of Chakwal

Stage activities with folk music and local artists.

World Women Day 2013/2014/2015/2016

An annual event in collaboration with Chakwal School of Nursing. Promoting gender equality.

World Environment Day 2015/2016

An event for the community to raise awareness about the environment.

International Migratory Birds Day 2015.

A community awareness event at Kallar Kahar lake with Pakistan Wildlife Foundation.

Painting Exhibition 2019,

Exhibition of local painters at University of Chakwal with Chamber of Commerce Chakwal as Chief Guests

Chakwal Jeep rally 2018

Dirt Track Jeep Rally at Dharabi Dam, with TDCP and musical and cultural performances.

Army Public School Day 2017/2018/2019/2020

Annual condolence and student rally

World Human Rights Day 2014/2015/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020

Baheria Foundation School system Faculty and Students celebrate each year.

World Tourism Day 2018/2020

Tourism Promotion Event with Tourism Development Cooperation of Punjab at Kattas Raj Temples & University of Chakwal

Punjab Talent Hunt 2021

First place in Rawalpindi Division, and fourth in Final at Lahore.

It is still common to have a paternally-structured joint family system. The patriarchal family system ensures that all household decisions are made by the oldest male member of the family. While women tend to be focused on the home and their children, they are not allowed to farm in rural areas.

Women are employed in urban and rural areas. is not respected, and the breadwinners are the men in the household. It is not considered appropriate to educate women beyond school or intermediate level. Although attitudes are changing, it is not surprising that they are slowing down and the old fiber is still strong.

Modesty is considered to be the most important characteristic of a woman. She is required to observe purdah when she leaves the house and from males not related to her.

Chakwal’s people celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, and Eid-ul-Azha in the Islamic calendar. Hindu festivities like basant and baisakhi have not been celebrated as much as other parts of Punjab.



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