How to Negotiate Better Salary and Benefits for Hire Employees Out Of Freelancing

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How to Negotiate Better Salary and Benefits for Hire Employees Out Of Freelancing

How to Negotiate Better Salary and Benefits for Hire Employees Out Of Freelancing

The cost of freelancing is rising, and so are the demands from freelancers who want to make a decent income from their given profession. Moreover, the competitive landscape has become more challenging for freelancers looking to gain the best possible terms and conditions for themselves and their respective companies. Hire employees out of freelancing may seem like an odd request, but with good reason — it positively impacts your bottom line. Negotiating better benefits and salary for hire employees out of freelancing can help you: Stop being pressured into paying exorbitant rates for contract workers. Instead, demand a fair compensation that reflects the value of your services. Consider factors such as: The industry you work in. For example, do you need to be in a specific location to provide the highest quality work? How much control do you have over your employees? Are they compensated fairly? Reduce the risk of losing qualified talent to other positions at a lower wage rate. Seek negotiation techniques that will: Encourage a collaborative effort between employer and employee on both ends of the bargain; Provide flexibility where necessary; And Be suited towards working towards a mutually beneficial outcome rather than one sided concessions .

Know the Different Types of Employee Hire

There are many different types of employee hire, each with different benefits and downsides. The key to knowing which type of hire best fits your needs is to first get to know your team. Ask your team members how they feel about working for another company and if they have any concerns or questions they’d like to discuss. With that information in hand, you can better understand the best way to go about the hiring process.

Know Your Players

When you’re hiring employees, you’ll inevitably have some candidates whose skill set lies outside of your industry. To be sure you’re aware of the types of candidates you may want, and to help avoid hiring employees who are ultimately unhelpful, you should know the typical skill sets your team members have and what they’re good at. By getting to know your team members better, you can better size the job openings and make better decisions for your business. Typically, the best way to do this is to conduct a thorough hiring search. In some industries, such as information technology, there are regulations in place that require you to state the exact job openings and be as thorough as possible. However, in other industries, such as creative industries, there aren’t such rules. In these cases, you can still make great strides towards hiring the right person by getting to know your team members better.

Nerve Up For Negotiations

Once you’ve identified the ideal candidates, it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty of the hiring process. You must start the hiring process by negotiating better benefits and salary for hire employees out of freelancing. It’s important to note that in many cases, you do not need to be a seasoned professional Negotiations are always easier when you have less experience than your counterpart. So, practice your negotiation skills on the lower end salaries you set for yourself and your team members. When you get the hang of it, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to ask for more money when it’s due, and even when you’re short staffed. Sometimes you have to consider yourself as an employee, and not just as a freelance. When you have a full-time job lined up, you should be treated as an employee. Even if you’re only on call occasionally, you should be paid as an employee. Similarly, if you find yourself with less hours in the day, or without a salary sacrifice in order to cover another pressing need, you should still be treated as an employee. You must also consider your company’s interests. In some industries, it may make sense to outsource certain administrative tasks. In these cases, you should seek out outsourcing partners who are willing to work under those terms. When you outsource, you’re outsourcing your job, not your skills.

Make The Offer You’re Owing Yourself To Be Very Good

Once you’ve gutted out the nitty-gritty, it’s time to cut to the chase and make your final offer. Make it as generous as possible. Be as detailed as possible. Be as specific as possible. Be as genuine as possible. You must offer your employees a deal they’ll actually consider. If your offer is too good to be true, or if your employees hesitate because they feel like they’ve already been offered too much, then they won’t be too committed to you.


Hire employees out of freelancing in order to increase efficiency and lower your costs. The key to doing this is to negotiate better benefits and salary for hire employees out of freelancing.



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